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Rendapart, why choose Rendapart Plantfood Int. ?

As oldest manufacturer of organic and organo- mineral fertilisers on the Belgian market, Rendapart Plantfood Int. offers his customers experience, flexibility, premium quality products, scientific and technological know-how.

Above all the aim to satisfy our customers and to fullfil their expectatoins is the highest goal of our entreprise.


Some facts :

  • A financial strong and healthy company
  • As a “green” company we try to minimalise the polution on the environment by using green energy supplied by our own solar panels
  • Experience has led to quality in production, continious productinnovation and superior service towards customers
  • 60 years of long term relationships with customers over Europe as result of our personlised and custom-friendly approach
  • Together with our customers we do better every year, work smarter and build out a succesful mutual future
  • We can offer maximum support to our customers while developping new products, productforms and packaging full traceability, certifications, registrations and premium quality products… welcome to Rendapart Plantfood Int.
  • Great added value products made by state-of-the-art units for attractive prices…
  • Rendapart Plantfood Int. assures the customer to provide at all times the available information concerning new products, product - & packagingdevelopment or the latest technologies in manufacturing organic and organo- mineral fertilisers.